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Calling for Mac Developers

Sunday, Apr 27, 2014

As we move towards releasing the first beta of 1.0, we are looking for a bit of help from any mac developers with some spare time to contribute to help finish off and tidy up the Mac GUI.

In particular, the following from our ideas list are desired to make up feature parity with the Linux and Windows UI's

- Improve Automatic Subtitle and Audio Tracks Language Selection options
This feature makes it much quicker to batch up large numbers of encodes.
The following screenshot gives an indication of how the feature works.

- Better support for batch encoding, possibility a multiple selection window and add to queue option.
Currently, there is the option to "Add All" titles from a batch scan in all the UI's. In addition to this, we have now added a "Add Selection" of titles window, to choose particular titles.
For an example, see this screenshot

- Improved Flexibility in the Autoname feature.
The auto-naming feature has been greatly expanded to make it more usable, particularly during batch encode scenarios. (example: here.)

If you are interested in contributing to the project, either on the above features, anything on the ideas list or your own ideas, please get in touch via the forums or on IRC.

The Development - Getting Started guide may also be of interest.