The open source video transcoder


How you can help the project.

Getting Started

HandBrake is written in several different languages. Core Library - LibHB (C), Mac GUI (Obj-C), Linux GUI(GTK/C) and the Windows GUI (WPF/C#)

We are maintaining a list of Cool Ideas which would be a good starting point for those interested in helping out.
If you are not sure where to start, or have ideas of your own, then get in touch via IRC or the forums.

We are always looking for developers to help out, so if you are interested, please do join in the community.

Source Code

We have a Subversion (SVN) Repository and a Github Mirror

More details can be found on our wiki: Development Information.

Submitting a patch

If you have a patch you'd like to submit, you can do so by uploading it our ReviewBoard site.
Alternatively, you can post it in our Development Forum.

Reporting Bugs and Request Features

If you find a bug in HandBrake, please read our guide to reporting bugs and then create a post in our bugs forum.

If you have an idea or suggestion for HandBrake, then you can let us know in the feature requests forum.