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We provide extensive feature documentation and guides which covers everything from getting started to advanced features in HandBrake.

If you've got a question, feel free to join in on our community forums or connect with us on our IRC channels #handbrake and #handbrake-dev. These IRC channels are on the on the third party LiberaChat Network.

Please be aware HandBrake is a hobby project so it is not possible to offer one-on-one help by email or phone!

Reporting a bug

If you find a bug or some unexpected behaviour, please raise an issue on our Github Issue Tracker.

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If you have an idea or suggestion for HandBrake, then you can let us know by raising a new issue on our Github Issue Tracker if you have an account there.

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Please be aware HandBrake is a hobby project maintained by it's contributors in their free time so it is not possible to offer one-on-one help.

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