System requirements


The following is the minimum level of hardware that HandBrake supports. While it may be technically possible to run HandBrake on hardware older than this, it is neither recommended nor supported.




HandBrake’s QuickSync feature is only supported on Windows. Experimental Linux support requires building from source with --enable-qsv. QuickSync requires a 2nd generation (Sandy Bridge) or newer Intel Core series processor with integrated Intel HD Graphics enabled.


Support Status

The following table describes the level of support available for the current version of the application against each version of the operating system.

Status Description
Supported The app is known to work as expected.
Deprecated The app works but may have limited functionality and/or bugs that will not be corrected.
Not Supported The app does not run on this version of the OS

The last version to support the operating system, is also noted.


Ubuntu (Official PPA)

Several major versions are supported, see Where to get HandBrake for PPA details.

Other Linux

For any other distribution, you must compile from source.


MacOS Version Support Status Last Version
10.13: “High Sierra” Supported
10.12: “Sierra” Supported
10.11: “El Capitan” Supported
10.10: “Yosemite” Deprecated 1.0.0
10.9: “Mavericks” Deprecated 1.0.0
10.8: “Mountain Lion” Deprecated 1.0.0
10.7: “Lion” Deprecated 1.0.0
10.6: “Snow Leopard” Not Supported 0.10.5


Windows Version Support Status Last Version
Windows 10 Supported
Windows 8.1 Supported
Windows 7 SP1 Deprecated
Windows Vista Not Supported 1.0.0
Windows XP Not Supported 0.9.9