Building HandBrake for Linux

If you have installed a HandBrake package from your distribution or other third-party package repository, please remove it before proceeding. See the section, Warning about broken third-party builds on Where to get HandBrake for more information.

Installing dependencies

Dependency installation instructions are available for the following distributions.

HandBrake’s experimental support for Intel Quick Sync Video on Linux requires the Intel Media SDK.

Building HandBrake

Clone the HandBrake repository.

git clone && cd HandBrake

Build HandBrake. To enable experimental support for Intel QSV via the Intel Media SDK, append --enable-qsv. To build the command line interface only, disable the graphical interface by appending --disable-gtk.

./configure --launch-jobs=$(nproc) --launch

When complete, you will find HandBrakeCLI in the build directory. If the graphical interface is enabled, you will also find ghb in the build/gtk/src directory.

Install HandBrake (optional). When installing the graphical interface, icon and desktop files for the Applications menu will be also installed.

sudo make --directory=build install

To start over, simply remove the build directory.

rm -rf build

Building Intel MediaSDK (QSV support only)

For Quick Sync Video support, the Intel MediaSDK and it’s dependencies must be built and installed separately. Intel MediaSDK Build Instructions, and Releases are available on their GitHub repository. MediaSDK dependencies are listed on the releases page.