Building HandBrake for BSD

If you have installed a HandBrake package from your distribution or other third-party package repository, please remove it before proceeding. See the section, Warning about broken third-party builds on Where to get HandBrake for more information.

Installing dependencies

Dependency installation instructions are available for the following distributions.

Building HandBrake

Clone the HandBrake repository.

git clone && cd HandBrake

Build HandBrake. To enable experimental support for Intel Quick Sync Video (FreeBSD only), append --enable-qsv. To build the command line interface only, disable the graphical interface by appending --disable-gtk.

For FreeBSD

./configure --launch-jobs=$(sysctl -n hw.ncpu) --launch

For NetBSD

./configure --launch-jobs=$(sysctl -n hw.ncpuonline) --launch

For OpenBSD

env AUTOCONF_VERSION=2.71 AUTOMAKE_VERSION=1.16 ./configure --launch-jobs=$(sysctl -n hw.ncpuonline) --launch

When complete, you will find HandBrakeCLI in the build directory. If the graphical interface is enabled, you will also find ghb in the build/gtk/src directory.

Install HandBrake (optional). When installing the graphical interface, icon and desktop files for the Applications menu will be also installed.

sudo gmake --directory=build install

To start over, simply remove the build directory.

rm -rf build