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Audio Codecs


Encoding vs Passthrough

HandBrake supports two modes of operation for handling audio tracks from the source.

It can either:


Audio Encoders


Passthru options.

HandBrake supports passthru for a limited number of popular source formats. These are: AC3, E-AC3, DTS, DTS-HD, TrueHD, MP3, MP2, AAC or flac (Passthru)

This copies the audio bit-for-bit from the source so offers no loss in audio quality. These audio tracks can be quite large so can impact the final size of the output file quite substantially.


Auto Passthru

In the audio encoders list, there is an option called “Auto Passthru”. When encoding, this will automatically passthru any supported format to the source file. If the source format is not supported, or not supported in the output container, the fallback encoder will be used. The default is AAC.