This article is for an older version of HandBrake. All versions.

Dieser Artikel ist für eine ältere Version von HandBrake. Alle Versionen.

Media Foundation

Supported hardware

Enabling support

If your computer is supported you will see one or more of the following video encoders added to the encoder control on the Video tab.


The following presets are available under the ‘Hardware’ category in the presets menu:

These are a good starting point for configuring HandBrake to use these encoders.


Only video encoding is performed by the hardware encoder. Every stage prior to and after video encoding including decoding, filters, audio/video sync, audio encoding, muxing, etc., is performed by the CPU. As a result, it is normal to have high (even 100%) CPU utilisation during encodes.

It is common, particularly on lower-end hardware, for the CPU to be a bottleneck for the hardware video encoder. To minimize this effect, disable any filters that you do not require.

Advanced options

There are no advanced options available for VideoToolbox encoders.