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Nightly Builds

Nightly builds are based on the latest development code which means they may or may not be stable and probably won't be documented. As such, your mileage may vary.

These builds are better suited for more experienced users and developers although everyone is welcome to give them a shot and provide feedback.


If you find issues with these builds then post a thorough bug report in our bugs forum.

Please don't assume we know about your bug or issue. If you see something that isn't working or doesn't make sense, do tell us!


You can see all the latest changes on our GitHub Timeline.



Platform / File Download SHA256 Hash

Windows (7, 8.1 and 10)
HandBrake-20181218-23bc08b_x86_64-Win_GUI.exe Download 3a52421c49c01a75da59d175900df19dfc086a90042ff7190ba4d21ce9b28658
HandBrakeCLI-1.2.0-win-x86_64.zip Download b24d327e4dfefd7f31c8e44f16d8dafb65481118d17ed3626200d86880d283b6
LibHB-1.2.0-win-x86_64.zip Download 736e9aab028608f54a2593f0dd432151520e56131e051bb27f54d3b42b1f0634

Mac (10.10 and later)
HandBrake-1.2.0.dmg Download 363cd98a581431ca78058aff8ef46648d02e93fa1cdcd69340d323fd913c7c39
HandBrakeCLI-1.2.0.dmg Download f397f6a94fe3976326a2aaa085d58beeb1f840a1c2a029bd2c03cbc41d45c2fa

For Ubuntu: Ubuntu PPA

Other Distros:
HandBrake-1.2.0-x86_64.flatpak Download 5eb3a25a39d57fa4e68543a4bec4ab425ff5b406ed994180e83db1855e5fd8a3
HandBrakeCLI-1.2.0-x86_64.flatpak Download e61e401ac3f5f136de9e44c914ccdf28607e8ac52e6082d27f285626e53d3344

HandBrake-1.2.0-source.tar.bz2 Download 9fa869d4a26f6d176ffbe1b3f157fd02926ba81d7b8ef1b1f492a504d0233361