This article is for an older version of HandBrake. All versions.

Dieser Artikel ist für eine ältere Version von HandBrake. Alle Versionen.

Where to get HandBrake

HandBrake releases and nightly builds

Official HandBrake releases and nightly builds are available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

HandBrake is open-source software licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 2 (GPLv2)1. Anyone can download and use HandBrake for free.

Ubuntu Linux users should install the official release PPA or the official snapshots PPA. The PPA may work, but is not tested, on other Debian-compatible distributions.

Nightly builds for Linux are also available as Flatpak bundles.

Users of other BSD- and *nix-like distributions may compile from source.

HandBrake source code is available at the official HandBrake repository on GitHub.

Other versions obtained via third parties are not supported.

Warning about scams and fakes

HandBrake is available for free at the HandBrake website.2 This is the only official download source for HandBrake.

Beware of third-party websites and peer-to-peer downloads of HandBrake. They may include unwanted extras such as additional applications, ransomware, or other forms of malware. The HandBrake Team has no control over these external services. Avoid!

Beware of online marketplaces and auction sites. HandBrake is free software.

Warning about broken third-party builds

Certain BSD/Linux distributions and package repositories create their own versions of HandBrake. These modified versions are often crippled (features removed for political reasons) and broken (bugs due to modifications), and should be avoided.

Broken third-party packages/builds include but are not limited to:

Please do not request support for these or any other unofficial versions. The HandBrake Team has zero control over them and therefore cannot provide meaningful support.

BSD users should compile from the official source code.

Linux users should install the official release PPA, install the official snapshots PPA, or compile from the official source code.

Next steps

  1. For more information about the license, see the LICENSE file and a summary of GPLv2 on TLDRLegal.
  2. Downloaded files should match the official release checksums as published on the official HandBrake website. Downloaded files with unlisted checksums may be tampered with.