This article is for an older version of HandBrake. See all versions.

Installing dependencies on Fedora

The following instructions are for Fedora 20.


Graphical interface dependencies:

Install dependencies.

sudo yum update
sudo yum groupinstall "Development Tools" "Development Libraries"
sudo yum install bzip2-devel cmake fontconfig-devel freetype-devel fribidi-devel gcc-c++ git harfbuzz-devel jansson-devel lame-devel libass-devel libogg-devel libsamplerate-devel libtheora-devel libtool libvorbis-devel libxml2-devel m4 make opus-devel patch python tar x264-devel yasm zlib-devel

To build the GTK GUI, install the graphical interface dependencies.

sudo yum groupinstall "X Software Development" "GNOME Software Development"
sudo yum install dbus-glib-devel gstreamer1-devel gstreamer1-plugins-base-devel intltool libgudev1-devel libnotify-devel webkitgtk3-devel

Fedora is now prepared to build HandBrake. See Building HandBrake for Linux for further instructions.