This article is for an older version of HandBrake. All versions.

Dieser Artikel ist für eine ältere Version von HandBrake. Alle Versionen.

Installing dependencies on FreeBSD

The following instructions are for FreeBSD 11 and 12.

Basic requirements to run commands:


Graphical interface dependencies:

Install dependencies.

sudo pkg install autoconf automake bash bzip2 cmake flac fontconfig freetype2 fribidi git gcc lzma m4 gmake patch gtar harfbuzz jansson libass libiconv libogg libsamplerate libtheora libtool libvorbis libvpx libx264 libxml2 meson nasm ninja opus pkgconf python speex

Build and install the lame source port.

sudo portsnap fetch
bash -c 'if [[ ! -e /usr/ports ]]; then sudo portsnap extract; fi'
sudo portsnap update
cd /usr/ports/audio/lame
sudo make install || sudo make reinstall

To build the GTK GUI, install the graphical interface dependencies.

sudo pkg install atk cairo dbus dbus-glib desktop-file-utils gdk-pixbuf2 gettext glib gnome3 gstreamer1-plugins-gdkpixbuf gtk3 intltool libdvdcss libnotify libvpx pango

FreeBSD is now prepared to build HandBrake. See Building HandBrake for BSD for further instructions.