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HBOutputPanelController Class Reference

#import <HBOutputPanelController.h>

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Public Member Functions

(IBAction) - showOutputPanel:
(IBAction) - clearOutput:
(IBAction) - copyAllOutputToPasteboard:
(IBAction) - openActivityLogFile:
(IBAction) - openEncodeLogDirectory:
(IBAction) - clearActivityLogFile:
(void) - startEncodeLog:
(void) - endEncodeLog

Protected Attributes

IBOutlet NSTextView * textView
 Textview that displays debug output.
NSTextStorage * outputTextStorage
 Text storage for the debug output.
NSString * outputLogFile
 Path to log text file.
NSString * outputLogFileForEncode
 Path to individual log text file.
BOOL encodeLogOn

Detailed Description

This class implements a panel that displays all text that is written to stderr. User can easily copy the text to pasteboard from context menu.

Member Function Documentation

- (IBAction) clearActivityLogFile: (id)  sender  
- (IBAction) clearOutput: (id)  sender  
- (IBAction) copyAllOutputToPasteboard: (id)  sender  
- (void) endEncodeLog  
- (IBAction) openActivityLogFile: (id)  sender  
- (IBAction) openEncodeLogDirectory: (id)  sender  
- (IBAction) showOutputPanel: (id)  sender  
- (void) startEncodeLog: (NSString *)  logPath  

Member Data Documentation

- (BOOL) encodeLogOn [protected]
- (NSString*) outputLogFile [protected]

Path to log text file.

- (NSString*) outputLogFileForEncode [protected]

Path to individual log text file.

- (NSTextStorage*) outputTextStorage [protected]

Text storage for the debug output.

- (IBOutlet NSTextView*) textView [protected]

Textview that displays debug output.

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