gtk/src/subtitlehandler.h File Reference

#include "settings.h"

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void ghb_set_pref_subtitle (gint titleindex, signal_user_data_t *ud)
void ghb_set_pref_subtitle_settings (gint titleindex, GValue *settings)
void ghb_set_subtitle (signal_user_data_t *ud, gint track, GValue *settings)
GValue * ghb_selected_subtitle_settings (signal_user_data_t *ud)
gint ghb_selected_subtitle_row (signal_user_data_t *ud)
void ghb_reset_subtitles (signal_user_data_t *ud, GValue *settings)
void ghb_subtitle_prune (signal_user_data_t *ud)
gboolean ghb_soft_in_subtitle_list (GValue *subtitle_list)
gboolean ghb_canBurnSub (int source)
gboolean ghb_canForceSub (int source)
gboolean ghb_canPassSub (int source, int mux)
void ghb_subtitle_list_refresh_selected (signal_user_data_t *ud)

Function Documentation

gboolean ghb_canBurnSub ( int  source  ) 
gboolean ghb_canForceSub ( int  source  ) 
gboolean ghb_canPassSub ( int  source,
int  mux 
void ghb_reset_subtitles ( signal_user_data_t ud,
GValue *  settings 
gint ghb_selected_subtitle_row ( signal_user_data_t ud  ) 
GValue* ghb_selected_subtitle_settings ( signal_user_data_t ud  ) 
void ghb_set_pref_subtitle ( gint  titleindex,
signal_user_data_t ud 
void ghb_set_pref_subtitle_settings ( gint  titleindex,
GValue *  settings 
void ghb_set_subtitle ( signal_user_data_t ud,
gint  track,
GValue *  settings 
gboolean ghb_soft_in_subtitle_list ( GValue *  subtitle_list  ) 
void ghb_subtitle_list_refresh_selected ( signal_user_data_t ud  ) 
void ghb_subtitle_prune ( signal_user_data_t ud  )